Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dinner tonight: Sauteed Chicken in Mustard-Cream Sauce

Mr. Fritz and I went on a journey this afternoon to see the festivities happening on the Mall. We walked down to Constitution from our place and joined the huddled masses yearning to be warm, or at least close enough to the action to make it worth standing in the cold. In the end, we didn't last very long -- it turned out that we couldn't even stand along the security barrier to watch the very-far-away Jumbotron of Bono and company doing their thing, so we walked back before too long. When we got home, we watched the concert on our lovely television (thank you, TiVo!) next to a roaring fire, much better than our attempt at in-person viewing! And once it was over, I turned my attention to dinner, which tonight was Sauteed Chicken in Mustard-Cream Sauce, paired with jasmine rice and steamed asparagus tossed in butter and salt and pepper.

This was as simple as could be to prepare. First, I set the rice to cook in one pot, then I got the asparagus steaming in a second pot. In a saute pan, I heated some olive oil over medium heat, then added the chicken and let it cook for several minutes, turning it once it started to brown. Once the chicken was done, I set it aside and deglazed the pan with some white wine, then added a little cream, dijon mustard and chopped fresh tarragon to the pan. As soon as that was heated through, I plated the whole meal and served it. Simple to make and really tasty.

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