Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dinner tonight... Tandoori Chicken with Yogurt Sauce and Jasmine Rice

Who knew you could cook tandoori chicken in a regular oven? Not me. (Or is it not I? I can't remember. Eek.) In any case, it turns out that you can make a pretty close approximation with very little effort. Yay! The recipe I used was from the Everyday Food: Good Food Fast cookbook. It was crazy simple: mix up some plain yogurt (I used Greek yogurt), tumeric, ginger and garlic and coat the chicken with it, then roast the chicken in on a foil-lined baking sheet at a very high temperature (475 degrees) until it's cooked through. While it's roasting, you mix up a dipping sauce that consists of grated Granny Smith apples, chopped cilantro and more yogurt. Again, simple. Serve it over some basmati or jasmine rice and you have an excellent Indian-inspired meal. I loved it and Mr. Fritz liked it (although it was a little spicy for his tastes), so I will definitely make this again!

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